Acts of Love


Here for Me gift bundle.

It starts with a question: am I there for myself? 

In the whirlwind of everyday life we are set to navigate between responsibilities, tasks, social engagements and a healthy mindset to guide them all. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we are close to the limit, and other times a step back is the right decision.

As an act of self-empowerment, we invite you to reflect on a question: are you paying attention to how the world around you shapes your present and your future? The emotional work we privately undertake to look back on the relationships (with ourselves or with others) allows us to better take care of the ones we love. After all, how else could we notice when something is going wrong with others around us?

Together with POM, we are launching the Here for Me gift bundle. Something from us (a NALU gift card), something from POM (Ființa t-shirt) and a lot of care. 

35% of the proceeds from the NALU X POM bundle will be donated to A.L.E.G. to support the victims of domestic violence. Some of their essential activities are the healthy relationships groups, where questions like “what are my needs in a relationship”, “what is exploitation or abuse?” or “how do I set healthy limits for myself?” can guide women in having healthy relationships and recognize the signs of an abusive one. A simple gesture of love and consideration towards a better future for women.

The cost of a group for 10-15 participants is 6000 lei (approx. 100 lei total cost per session / beneficiary) and includes 6 online meetings lasting two hours, under the guidance of a team of specialized psychologists, in a safe and confidential space, the distribution of useful materials to the group participants and the possibility for the participants to have access to the #ȘiEuReușesc national community.

And with your help, our purpose is to raise funds for at least one group. Keep the goodies as a reminder to indulge yourself or gift it to someone dear in your life as an act of love.

Thank you for choosing to support our initiative!


Read more about the team:

NALU is a project born out of a need to simplify life and offer an alternative to over-complicated everyday objects. We carefully manufacture lingerie and swimwear pieces that have the simplest design and are made of the highest quality fabrics. Because buying better-made things helps us buy less. NALU’s philosophy is rooted in kindness and in the need to be gentle to our bodies, reflected in our non-wired, non-padded range of essential pieces made of the softest cotton.

POM – Port Originea cu Mine is an initiative that emerged as a voice for a life consciously lived. POM’s first product is a certified organic cotton T-shirt, responsibly produced on the entire production chain from crops to the ink used in the imprinting process. POM’s first T-shirt collection was designed by Romanian artists as part of a multidisciplinary creative group based on a selection of contemporary creative themes that are connected to global topics like the Interconnectedness of Nature and humans or to local ones, with respect for its cultural roots.

A.L.E.G. is a nongovernmental organization active since 2004 in preventing and fighting violence against women and children and in promoting gender equality. We offer psychological counselling services to women who face domestic violence and to their children. We also provide online counselling. We make available telephone, e-mail or face to face information services, as well as specialized staff, including on the topic of sexual violence. Legal counselling and assistance, as well as the support group #ȘiEuReușesc complete the service package aimed at helping women find the necessary resources to defeat violence. We also contribute to the setting up of support groups in other localities. Find out more details here: