Aim Low: A Tiny Wardrobe

by Diana Solomon

A closet full of clothes and you still have nothing to wear? Well, you are not the only one.

Most women think of shopping as some sort of therapy. But, at the end of the day, that cute t-shirt they have bought or that pair of shinny shoes will not look that nice as they looked  in the shop window. And will not help them feel better about themselves. So will end in a dark corner of the wardrobe, or worst, in a landfill, polluting.


Start Small: Unplug

by Diana Solomon

What if less is not about less clothes, less books or magazines, but less selfies, less Insta Stories, less scrolling on Facebook? What if `less` is about less digital noise?

Most of us are not very into this minimalism thing because we do not want or we are not ready to discharge our things, but are almost never take into consideration the fact that we can simplify our lives with simple gestures, like not using our phones (or other screens) so much.

The FOMO, the inability...

You Need Less To Be More

by Diana Solomon

Cut your hair and donate it.

Reduce your wardrobe, sell or donate what you do not wear, or, if its the case, sew /recycle.

Declutter your makeup bag. Throw away that mascara you bought two years ago, the outdated nail polish and even that funky lipstick that you will never use.

Have a look at your bookshelves. Are there any books that you will never read? Please don’t judge this with your brain, but with your heart. If the answer is yes, than get rid...