You Need Less To Be More

by Diana Solomon

Cut your hair and donate it.

Reduce your wardrobe, sell or donate what you do not wear, or, if its the case, sew /recycle.

Declutter your makeup bag. Throw away that mascara you bought two years ago, the outdated nail polish and even that funky lipstick that you will never use.

Have a look at your bookshelves. Are there any books that you will never read? Please don’t judge this with your brain, but with your heart. If the answer is yes, than get rid of them too.

Now take a look in your kitchen. Do you really need ten types of plates, three ladles and more than two choppers? NB: If you are a chef or a food blogger you may skip this question.

And how about your suitcase? Don’t you remember the vacays you only used 1/3 of the things you packed? So why do the same mistake all over again? Instead of enjoying your trip, you carry that heavy luggage, stay in line at the airport to drop it at the check-in point and (maybe) pay additional fees for it?

You may say that it is hard, that this thing with minimalism is not suitable for you. But guess what, you’re not the only one strongly believing that your space is too small, rather than accepting that you own too many damn things. The sad fact is that, along with this „hoarding situation”, many people have panic attacks (shortness of breath, fear of losing control, heart palpitations – the whole package), are bad at organising tasks or they are slowly growing a binge eating disorder.

But after a serious introspection (yoga or meditation seems to do the trick), you may feel that all your possessions hang heavily on your chest. So, in order to regain your breath, your control, and your freedom, try  to make tiny changes: cut your hair and donate it, minimize your closet, declutter your makeup bag, your bookshelves, your kitchen supplies, your suitcase.

While you are reducing your stuff, keep in mind that this is a process. It never ends. So, to make sure you will not be swallowed again by your own things, start to shop wisely (and less).

So yeah, even you may find hard to believe, minimalism can regain your freedom and change your lifestyle. Also, you will feel more grounded and more mindful in your everyday life, and you will focus better on things like job tasks, cooking or, maybe, raising a little human being.


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