Start Small: Unplug

by Diana Solomon

What if less is not about less clothes, less books or magazines, but less selfies, less Insta Stories, less scrolling on Facebook? What if `less` is about less digital noise?

Most of us are not very into this minimalism thing because we do not want or we are not ready to discharge our things, but are almost never take into consideration the fact that we can simplify our lives with simple gestures, like not using our phones (or other screens) so much.

The FOMO, the inability of spending time by ourselves with just our thoughts, tech-driven anxiety or, maybe, curiosity, make us dependent on our phones. So… how can we slow down?

Even if we are tech junkies, or we are working in social media, we do not need to make ourselves always available. So, start small. For example, we can disable WhatsApp, Instagram or e-mail push notifications or put the phone on Do No Disturb mode when we are engaged into something. We don’t have to give up all at once, but slowly create a more mindful routine about the way we spend our time on our phones.

Also, if we are on a vacation, let’s enjoy the sun, the fresh air and focus on how we feel instead of taking a picture every five minutes. Let’s give ourselves the opportunity to unplug.

Don’t get us wrong, we are aware of the importance of technology, but if it becomes a distraction, impact our life. And this can translate in increased anxiousness, depression, inability to create networks in real life and so on. But to be sure we are in control, we just need to improve our self-discipline. So here it’s what we do/recommend:

  • Bring a book with you. Every time you feel the urge to check Facebook/Instagram read a page from that book.
  • When you’re having coffee time with your best friend, put the phone in your bag. This way you can be more focus on your friend, rather than scrolling randomly while he/she’s talking.
  • When you eat, you eat. So keep the phone away from your peanut butter jelly sandwich.
  • Declutter your homescreen. Create folders and organise your applications. Make some space.

 At the end of the day, use your phone (more) intentionally and if you want to recharge your batteries, just unplug.



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