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Pack Small, Travel Light

by Diana Solomon

Unless you are planning a trip to a village in the middle of nowhere, forget about your big heavy luggage. Also, forget about your hairdryer, iron, hair straightener and most of your toiletries. Instead, choose a small backpack and learn how to travel light.

The idea is to have more freedom to move and less things to take care of. The smaller and smarter you pack, the more flexible you will be.

Most of us tend to overpack because we try to prevent certain situations. A jacket in case it rains, some books or magazines in case we get bored, an extra pair of shoes in case we remain barefoot and so on. But in reality, we wouldn`t need all that stuff. And if we do, we could just go to a 1$ store and buy the things we need.

Do not fear the idea of less stuff. Even if you are a control freak (who isn’t, right?) you can easily adapt the minimalistic approach of light traveling. Just look at its benefits:

  • Less stress
  • More flexibility (in case you need it you can switch bookings etc)
  • Less to carry
  • More time
  • New experiences

As in everyday life, when you travel, things that do not serve a practical purpose can make you feel overwhelmed. Both the weight of your thoughts and the luggage you carry from one place to another. Not to mention the (terrible) idea that you can leave something at your accommodation or back home. So, let this be your mantra: less things to carry, less stress.

We know that there is no universally valid version to pack smart and small because in every trip you will need different stuff, depending on the weather, location, activities. But we think that below tips and tricks will help you minimize your luggage:

  • Choose the smallest travel pack/suitcase
  • Choose versatile clothes that can be easily combined (in style and fit). For example, a scarf can also be worn as a bandana, as a turban or as a pareo
  • Choose light clothes, wrinkle-free and low maintenance
  • Regardless of travel duration, pack for three days (remember that you can always wash your clothes)
  • Mix and match: a shirt-dress can easily transform into a skirt if you lay a sweater over or you can wear it open-button over a T-shirt
  • Don’t pick toiletries: usually you will find (almost) everything you need at the hotel or at the Airbnb you’ve booked
  • No more than two pairs of shoes
  • No more than two pairs of jeans/trousers
  • Pack half of the things you think you’ll need
  • Phone camera instead of your Nikon, Kindle application instead of your heavy book

To enjoy your trip, avoid overpacking. This will save time that you can spend learning about the place you are about to visit, or you can simply enjoy the view. Less to carry on your back, less to carry in your mind. Therefore, pack small and travel light.


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