Buy Less & Repair

by Diana Solomon

It looks like speed is the major obsession of this century. While we understand the need for a high-speed Internet, we are concerned about the impact of fast-fashion on people and the environment. Excessive buying behaviour is neither sustainable nor good for our health. We need to treat our clothes with respect. And love.

So here’s a challenge: let’s try not to fall into the trap of consumerism and learn to appreciate the clothes that we already have.

How do we do that? Here are some simple ideas to guide you into making your clothes last longer:

  1. Read fabric care label. In that way, you will know how to wash your clothes
  2. Pay more attention to the fabric. While cotton is usually entirely washable, wool or silk have different ways to clean. For example, if you got sauce on your favorite wool sweater, you just need to clean that stain
  3. Wash with cold water in order to prevent fading and use less detergent.
  4. Wash your items less often - wear your garments at least three times before they hit the laundry
  5. Always sort laundry.
  6. Hand wash all your intimates or wrap them up in a bag before putting them in the washing machine
  7. Learn sewing and mending
  8. Rotate your wardrobe and store everything properly (for instance, avoid putting knit fabrics on a hanger, because, in time, that item will stretch out)
  9. Sun, not dryer. Avoid shrinking or stretching of garments, especially for your intimate apparel, by simply hanging the clothes outside
  10. Invest in wooden hangers – they will take more care of your garment then the plastic ones

In the Japanese practice called Wabi-Sabi, a fixed thing is considered a beautiful thing. The repair, the creation or the usage of material waste (`boro` - a traditional patchwork style) transforms this into a tale which is passed from one generation to another.

Try to reconsider your relation with your wardrobe. Repair, shop less and learn how to treat your clothes with love.

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