About Us

NALU is a project born out of a need to simplify life and offer an alternative to over-complicated everyday objects.

We carefully manufacture lingerie and swimwear pieces that have the simplest design and are made of the highest quality fabrics. Because buying better-made things helps us buy less.

Everyday lingerie is the embodiment of a second skin that should allow us to move freely and to feel at ease. NALU’s philosophy is rooted in kindness and in the need to be gentle to our bodies, reflected in our non-wired, non-padded range of essential pieces made of the softest cotton.

Swimwear items are an extension of our skin during summertime. Made of the finest Italian fabric and using a minimal design with clean edges, NALU swimwear pieces suit various types of bodies due to the flattering lines that highlight the natural curves of the body.

All of our products are made in a factory in Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca.

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