Bye bye Sale

Dear NALU community, 

This is not an easy
conversation for us, but we’ve always preached transparency in our
communication with you and hard times are no exception. We have been struggling
for a while now and the current global situation has forced us to take a

NALU came to life 6
years ago as an ode to the women’s bodies, as a pledge to bring a more
comfort-oriented approach to the very pieces that are the closest to women’s bodies,
to challenge the lingerie industry, to challenge mindsets of beauty and to show
that undergarments don’t have to be all wires and padding. High-quality
fabrics, simple and functional designs, pieces that allow you to move freely
and to feel at ease – promises that we’ve kept all these years, while trying to
innovate and bring more styles.

 You’ve probably seen
lately some other independent small businesses and brands across  industries that are about to close their
doors or to find other ways to continue their mission. Unfortunately, the last
years of the pandemic have not been easy on us as well. We have been impacted a
lot by higher cost of operation – due to the worldwide shortage of raw
materials, rising costs of production and a continuous increase of taxes. 

As a very small team, we have poured so much
into making NALU what it is today and we feel that now it’s the time to take a longer break and look for new paths and adventures.

This is why we have increased the discount for the remaining pieces. The same designs you love, with the same high-quality fabrics, now up to 70% off. The final sale will start now until the end of June, and hopefully you will still find the perfect swimsuits that will make your summer lovely and more comfortable. 

There is also one thing we have to mention now. For us, the community we built around NALU during all theese years was the most inspiring, fulfilling and valuable thing we are now grateful for. 

We promise to keep promoting sustainability and women empowerment, and we encourage you to do the same. But for now, this is a goodbye.

Thank you for being here!

With love & gratitude,NALU Team

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